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What does it include?

• DISCOUNTS on the Eco-Shop products and on the products of the Partner Companies

•VISIBILITY LOGO for affiliate Companies and Program

1 valuation and purchase land
2 start of soil processing phases
3 irrigation system design
4 purchase of plants and planting
5 management and care of the plants up to the complete establishment
6 forest garden opening
7 monitoring and safeguarding

«The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best moment is now!»

The uniqueness of O2Forest’s subscription

A new tool of doing Business in a green way

The O2 Forest subscription was developed as a meeting point between buyers and suppliers. It is our response to the growing need to improve the Planet in which we live; a tool that is easy to use and accessible to anyone but at the same time capable of great changes.We have tried to create a product that can capture and meet both the needs of consumers and companies. That’s why a strategy that reconcilies supply and demand capable of building economic and social values but without negative repercussions on the environment is the best solution. On the one hand it encourages companies to adopt an ecosustainable philosophy, on the other hand it attracts customers for the advantages they drive from them. Matching supply-demand and needs-benefits is exactly what the O2Forest subscription does.

Giulia Faleri, CEO O2Forest