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Segui le ultime novità sui progetti di riforestazione O2Forest


O2 Forest finances an alternative renewable energy project derived from living plants, starting from the waste products of chlorophyll photosisthesis. Find out what we do!


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” We want to reply to two fundamental aspects that the economy and global markets are encountering more and more frequently: the greater attention of consumers towards the commitment that companies have towards environmental issues and the need to take concrete action to safeguard the environment of Planet. These are the two realities with which consumers and companies will have to discuss from here to the next few years. Adopting an eco-sustainable governance is the way to progress because it improves the reputation of companies, the relationship with the customer and environmental performance with a more than positive impact in terms of profits. In fact, the 2.0 company – or the future if we want – is a company that knows how to combine profit and sustainability with skill to stay on the market. The environmental crisis is also an economic crisis and O2Forest offers services to obstruct both. ”
– O2Forest  Company