O2Forest Energy

We know how important it is to find alternative energy sources to power all the devices we need daily (means of transport, appliances etc.) and for the production processes of companies (from the agro-food sector to the manufacturing sector) to reduce the impact environmental protection and coping with climate change and the resulting consequences in terms of health and environmental disasters. We strongly believe that the union between Science and Nature can contribute to improving the planet in which we live. It is possible to move from an economy of waste – without benefits – to a highly profitable and eco-sustainable consumer economy. It is not necessary to go back to prehistory in order not to affect the planet: a balance between technology and nature is the secret recipe for a green revolution that is good for man and the ecosystem. The O2Forest Energy project is born from the awareness of the possibility of obtaining energy electricity from chlorophyll photosynthesis products performed by living plants. In fact, during the photosynthesis process, where the primary materials are oxygen (O2), water (H2O) and light, products are obtained that are necessary for the nourishment of the plant itself but a part of them is discarded and released into the surrounding soil through the root system. . These waste substances serve as nourishment for the organisms present in the soil (bacteria, fungi etc.) which – once they have been fed with these waste substances – release electrons. O2Forest develops a system capable of accumulating these electrons and exploiting the potential difference through the use of an apparatus consisting of anodes and cathodes together with other components to convert them into direct electrical energy which will then be collected and accumulated through a further battery system and then used. In this way it is possible to obtain 100% renewable energy 24 hours a day. Through our experiments we were able to generate enough electricity to turn on a series of LED lights exclusively with plants in life. The method to develop a large-scale system capable of covering the energy needs of a home is the same we have used to date to obtain these results. However, additional monetary funds are needed to ensure that the O2Forest Energy team can build (based on the studies carried out) the finished product ready to be placed on the market for individuals and companies. For this reason we have chosen to invest also part of the monetary revenues deriving from our services offered for the “O2Forest Energy from Plants” project.

Giulia Faleri – Founder & CEO O2Forest