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Why Forest Gardens?

In nature woods and forests present a heterogeneous vegetation, necessary for the life of the ecosystems.

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CO2 absorption
Soil functionality

Forset Garden

CO2 absorption
Soil functionality

Advantages of the
Forest Garden

Creating forest gardens we provide all the benefits that come from plants: 1. produce oxygen (O2)
2. absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and filter out polluting elements such as fine dust and gas
3. they prevent soil erosion, landslides and landslides
4. avoid surface runoff of the water after heavy rain
5. purify water from contaminants
6. increase biodiversity
7. produce livelihoods for humans and animals
8. mitigate the climate
9. reduce noise pollution10. improve human health

Thanks to melliferous plants and plants with wild berries that we insert in our forest gardens we make a fundamental contribution to the life of pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds, etc.) which are responsible for essential factors for us human beings and are increasingly at risk. The existence of about 80% of plants for human sustenance is determined by pollinators. The global value of pollination is worth more than 150 billion euros every year.

With our activity we offer people an opportunity to work in an environmental sector, necessary for the future of the human being. – career opportunities – economic benefits – social benefits

Layers of the Forest Garden

The Forest Garden

Our forest gardens are a fusion of forest, forest and flower garden. An area with a gratifying and explorable aspect without a precise path in which man and nature are in close contact in respect of the latter. A place favorable to the flora-fauna ecosystem, welcoming for pollinating animals and wild animals, which will find shelter and sustenance thanks to the various types of plants.

Follow the updates regarding the construction of the O2Forest Forest Gardens.

Upcoming Forest Gardens

Would you like to collaborate, create a personal wooded garden or suggest a plot? We are happy to welcome and evaluate your requests together.