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Do you believe that an eco-sustainable life is synonymous with boredom and monotony? With us you can change your mind!


Ecosustainable Travel

An adventurous journey, a holiday immersed in nature, an experience of total relaxation.
And what kind of traveler are you? With O2Forest you will find the ideal eco-friendly solution for you.

Ecosustainable Cooking Courses

Would you like to learn new recipes that are healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly? Take part in our cooking classes in collaboration with industry experts to discover new recipes and valuable nutritional advice.

Eco-sustainable Initiatives

Recognize quality products that are environmentally friendly, know how to grow plants, take care of your mind and body thanks to nature’s secrets, recycle and recover old objects in an alternative way.
Participate in the most interesting courses for you and your needs!

Theme meetings

Do you want to know in depth the aspects relating to environmental issues?
O2Forest organizes conferences in collaboration with scientists and experts to offer everyone the opportunity to learn more about these important topics.